Potential customer requests a measurement. You put their information here, or it can come from your website request form. The program automatically and instantly sends an email notification to the assigned sales rep. You can capture marketing information, and map the address from here as well. Date and time stamped notes can be added all throughout.


Create a proposal in the field, print the proposal on the fly. You can manage your own templates as well as edit them on the spot. You have the option of calculating a detailed material list for instant profitability if desired.


After a job is won, you visually select where to add it to your existing schedule by crew. Instantly update your schedule for all users to see. Create the Purchase order and send it to your supplier electronically. Assign tasks to employees that need to be completed. The jobs expected profitability is instantly available (when you get the bill from your supplier, actual profitability will automatically be updated). Invoice the customer to complete the job.


To Do's are managed here. Each user has their own tasks listed here. They easily mark them complete as finished. Managers and owners can view any user's tasks from here as well. Tasks replace intercompany emails. The Tasks stay on the users list until marked as completed, they never get buried in an email inbox. This is a great way to stop important things from falling through the cracks.


Google calendar integrated. What that means is all to do's and appointments can be viewed from a smart phone.


You get full featured accounting with Roofer Link. You get full use of Add On accounting software. Make sure you understand this. This is not the typical integration with a third party system that requires exporting and importing. The accounting is part and parcel to the system. It is the same data. When a customer is added, it's in. When a Purchase order is sent to a supplier, it is immediately available in accounts payable for matching their invoice against. Invoices to customers show up instantly on your accounts receivable aging report. You see actual profitability by job!

History Reporting and Analysis

The system keeps full history of both the jobs you won and those you lost. In addition to sales reports, you will be able to analyze marketing success, compare success by geographic area, by sales person etc.